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Who We Are?

Hill Rock is an Executive Management Company focused on

  • Video, Unified Collaboration, Managed Services
  • Technology Due Diligence (M&A)
  • Technology Transfer & Commercialization
  • Patent and Grant Management

Technology Due Diligence works with business development organizations in the form of Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) which allow and facilitate the expansion of commerce.  The firm helps public and private companies with software and hardware strategy as well as re-engineering their software development practice.  Our 26 years of industry experience covers Unix and Windows operating systems, embedded systems, network management, storage management, wireless communications and software architecture and design.  We provide expertise and specialize in networking, communications, multimedia, and video business collaboration.  Additional areas of expertise include MP3, IPTV, ITV, Media Serving, Video Conferencing, and Digital CDN's.  Last, but equally important, is our IP Portfolio Management, Technology Transfer & Commercialization Practice.  Our services include patent portfolio licensing and bringing new ideas to industry commercialization.  We help technology companies extend their development reach by leveraging patent portfolios in one area for new technology advances in another.  Our market driven licensing efforts help clients maximize licensing potential.  We believe programmatic measurements and financial metrics should drive investments made in the funnel process.  Total transfer process effectiveness is measured by license revenue exiting the bottom of the technology transfer funnel process.


Who Do We Serve?

Hill Rock is focused on providing Technology Due Diligence, Strategic Development, Technology Transfer to seed, startup, small and medium size Companies, Capital Investment Bankers and Hedge Fund Managers seeking to expand their products and services.  In addition, the company often works with private and public companies as well as Universities and Government Agencies looking for help in the commercialization of research and innovations.  Last, the company is engaged for interim management services to satisfy short term software development and other business needs.

How Can We Help You?  

Hill Rock works with global companies by managing the development engineering transfer process, the IP Patent Portfolio Management, Technology Due Diligence for Acquisition, commercialization of an idea, or technology transfer to the commercial marketplace.  HillRock often spends quality time helping startup companies compete to win by arming the leadership team with grants, patent reviews, and development muscle. 

Most often, the firm works with companies focused on market expansion by means of Mergers and Acquisitions by leading technical due diligence of proposed activities.


Hill Rock (Ken Kalinoski) has 26 Years of Industry Experience, 18 Years of Business Development with M&A activities and 12 years of IP Management experience.  We combine this history with Speaking the Language of Development Managers, Researchers, and PhD students and translate their ideas into commercialization opportunities and/or economic business plans that Business Managers understand and can utilize.

Management Credentials 

  • 26 Years of R&D, Management, Business Development, and Executive Positions at IBM, Netpliance, VTEL, Forgent Networks, Polycom & Sigmatel.  
  • Multiple IBM Armonk Headquarters Assignments.  International Assignment (Germany) on First IBM UNIX Program. 
  • Director IBM PC Company IP Patent and Licensing Group during Internet Boom 
  • Managed and Delivered IBM's World Wide UNIX (AIX) Development Program. 
  • Delivered Operating System for First PowerPC 601 Uni-Processor and Symmetric Multi-Processor 604 family. 
  • Delivered First High Availability Cluster Multi-Processor (HACMP) Fault Tolerant System
  • Managed and Delivered IBM's First MultiMedia Program in Digital Video Broadcast (DVB), Video on Demand (VOD & NVOD)
  • Delivered IBM's VideoCharger Product, Streaming Audio and Video over the Internet (still available after 15 years)
  • Delivered First IBM VOD Media Streamer to Hong Kong Telecom early 1990's
  • Startup Company Founder, Officer, Original Business Plan Author, and Vice President of Hardware and Software Engineering for Netpliance.  Company IPO'd in 12 months and delivered 1st Mover Internet Appliance product and service offering in 9 months. Company later acquired by 3Com.
  • Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Hardware and Software Development at VTEL, a pioneer in video conferencing
  • Chief Technology Officer, VP Engineering Forgent Networks.  Critical role in evolution of Rich Media Systems Network Management for Real Time Applications.  Patent strategy led to $100M licensing program over 2  years.  Led company M&A strategy. Developed First Video Network Management Platform.
  • Vice President of Hardware Software Engineering at Polycom Video Division.  Led design and development of all new High Definition Video Conference systems.  First public demonstration in May 2006.  General Availability October 2006.  See Polycom site for more.
  • Interim Vice President Software - Sigmatel.  Early Leader in MP3 sales required a new software strategic redirection for new system on a chip (3700 SOC) in 2007.
  • Technology Transfer Contractor at Michigan State University, NASA, IBM
  • Telepresence Strategy and Operational Deployment of Polycom, Tandberg, Cisco Telepresence
  • Founder of Electronic Esclepius, Electronic Medical Records for Doctors  www.electronicasclepius.com  

100 HillRock, LLC.                         Austin, Texas USA 78746 Phone: (001) 512-565-5791 ken@100HillRock.com