Commercialization and Technology Transfer

Commercialization is the process of introducing a new product into the market. "Most Technology-based inventions never go beyond the conception stage.  Commercialization is often confused with sales, marketing or business development. The Commercialization process has three key aspects:

  1. The funnel. It is essential to look at many ideas to get one or two products or business that can be sustained long-term
  2. It is a stage-wise process and each stage has its own key goals and milestones
  3. It is vital to involve key stakeholders early, including customers  

University R&D Department, State or Local Agency, or a Research Company interested in learning if an "idea" may have commercial value but don't know where or how to start?  We can help.  

 Business Differentiation

The technology transfer process follows a well established and understood funnel concept that is documented by Harvard Business Practices.  More recently, Clay Christianson has enlightened many business leaders with the concept of “fast kill”.  In this process, company leaders decide very quickly upon the ultimate market success or failure of new ideas.  While this practice works for some, one size does not fit all.  When it comes to screening, time is of the essence and efficiency is critical.  


Our business is tightly woven to the market place.  We differentiate our service from others by our tight interconnect with the marketplace within the funnel process.  From screening to marketing, we interoperate and validate each successive step with additional market verification.  We provide the expertise required without being expert in every aspect of very complicated technologies.  We direct investment dollars based on maximizing client return.


Business Services

Hill Rock is currently contracted with Universities, Government Agencies, and Fortune 500 companies in arrangements that provide the following services:

  • Business model creation for new business opportunities
  • Screening of new inventions and ideas
  • Assessments with inventors and potential licensees of commercial idea value
  • Marketing and licensing of inventions and ideas
  • Patent applications (disclosures, provisional, utility) and patent office actions

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