Patent Management

HillRock has provided patent management services since 2000, with practical experience gained during the Internet Boom by leading the IP Patent Licensing efforts at IBM for the PC Company.  The service includes Patent Portfolio Management, Patent Licensing, Patent Searching, and Patent Office Support.


Patent Portfolio Management including

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitor Patent Analysis
  • Scatter Plot Analytics
  • IP Landscape
  • Patent Watch
  • Claims Analysis


Patent Licensing including

  • Market Landscape and Market Research
  • Primary Research
  • Access to HillRock Proprietary Expert Database
  • Licensing, Cross Licensing, Bundling of IP Assets


Patent Searching including

  • Novelty Search
  • Invalidation Search
  • Infringement Search
  • Non-Patent Keyword and Automated Contextual Search


Patent Prosecution Support including

  • Patent application support with principle investigators
  • Office Action Follow Up and Correspondence

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