M&A Activities

Due Diligence

Hill Rock is a Management Consultant Company focused on leading Due Diligence efforts which enable Global Market Expansion.  Market expansion often takes the form of Corporate Mergers and Public or Private Acquisitions (M&A) which allow and facilitate the expansion of commerce.  M&A Due Diligence often takes place to expand one's customer base, to better leverage exisiting infrastructure, to gain access to new products and services, and above all, to increase revenue and bottom line profits.

How Can We Help?

Hill Rock is focused on aiding  customers contemplating mergers and acquisitions.  Hill Rock acts as an independent Engineering Management Consulting Firm that provides technology due diligence.  We work hand in hand with existing business development teams and can lead or support engineering management technology due diligence activities. The activities include finding adjacent market spaces that complements all aspects of hardware and software technology, market assessments, sales process, products, customer base, distillation of the competitive landscape, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, creation of technology diligence questionnaire, analytical review of the team composition, patent portfolio analytics, technology compatibility and integration plans with existing products, and performing on site evaluation of products and services.  Initial, Interim, and Final reports with executive level summary is customary.


Hill Rock has 26 Years of Industry Experience and 18 Years of Management Experience working with hardware and software products and services.  Business Development has been a focused responsibility during the past 12 years at companies like IBM, Netpliance, VTEL Video, Forgent Networks, Polycom Communications, Sigmatel, NASA and more.  To learn more call or write to ken@100hillrock.com

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