30-3-30 Content Distribution Acceptance Formula

The latest research points to what we call a 30-3-30 acceptance theory by younger audiences as they shift away from TV to the PC to wireless mobile.  To appeal to this group the content medium must be fitted as follows;

*     30 min:  Broadcast and syndicated shows are fit to 30m segments

*     3 min:    PC content such as YouTube is fit into 3 minute content segments

*     30 sec:   Mobile phone content must be fit into 30 seconds

Recent market trials in Asia, Europe and now the US have one thing in common.  No one has cracked the market to figure out how to get video on mobile phones to be a viable business both in terms of user acceptance (first) and monitization (second).  Since the biggest growth for the foreseeable future be in the mobile phone space this is a serious problem for network providers.  While network distribution providers search their QoS and QoE metrics for clues, the answer will continue to escape them because the origin is in the perfect storm, or lack there of.  Content providers both online and traditional need to restructure their offerings to fit the 30-3-30 acceptance model.

Read how the 30-3-30 model will let the video become the viral usage tool of the 21st century.

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