Grant Management

HillRock has experience writing Grants, RFIs, RFPs, and can provide grant management services.  Fundamentally, while there exists $500B in global grant monies, about $200B is set aside for SBIR and STTR Grants that are earmarked for disadvantaged small business owners, as well as business that share sponsored research with a university performing at least 30% of the investigation.  Knowing how to maneuver through the Grant Process is complicated.  Most small businesses NEVER get grants not because their ideas are not valuable, but rather because they have difficulty connecting their ideas to qualified market needs.  The team at HillRock can assist and help small businesses grow their capital in tough economic times. 

The grant services includes Grant Portfolio Management, Grant Writing, Grant Searching, and Grant Office Support.


Grant Portfolio Management including

  • Best Practices Review
  • Review of  In Process Grants
  • Metrics Formulation
  • Relationship Building with Grant Agencies
  • Broadening the Grant Landscape
  • Pre and Post Review of Grant Applications


Grant Writing including

  • Finding Targeted Grants
  • Writing the Grant Proposal
  • Providing an Automated Grant Template
  • Market Landscape and Market Research
  • Primary Research
  • Access to HillRock Proprietary Expert Database


Grant Searching including

  • Keyword Search
  • Context Search
  • US, Global, Government, Foundation Search
  • Keyword and Automated Contextual Search


Grant Office Support including

  • Grant application support with principle investigators
  • Grant Office Action Follow Up and Correspondence

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