Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm was established to provide efficient, expert engineering diligence and business solutions to startup, start over, private and public companies.  We have helped companies prepare for market acquisition, as well as lead technology due diligence engagements.  Business Strategy, Acquisition Planning, Competitive Landscape, SWOT Analysis, and IP Portfolio Management are additional M&A competencies of 100 Hill Rock LLC.

Video Business Expert

With over 26 years in leading edge computer based technology and 12 years in multimedia development, the firm spends significant time in the Far East as well as Silicon Valley looking at current and next generation video systems.  Special focus and emphasis on Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Telepresence and HD Video, Broadcast Video Content distribution and delivery, High Definition Audio and Video, Streaming and File Sharing of digital media and Rights Management.  Hands on working knowledge of HD video codecs and IPTV delivery systems and STBs.  MPEG2, MPEG4 (H.264), H.239 Multimedia Content Sharing. MP3 systems knowledge, SOCs, XiLinx versus Altera cores. 

Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer
The practice has 11 years of IP Management experience.  We are rooted in IP Patent and Licensing having managed the IBM PC Company Patent and Licensing Practice during the Internet Boom.  Kalinoski has 5 patents to his name, but credits his knowledge of successful offensive and defensive patent strategies to the late great Gordon Matthews.  Mr. Matthews, best known as the father of voicemail, was a prolific innovator with over 44 patents in his name.  While his candle may have burned out prematurely - his legacy is alive in the name of commercialization and innovation.
Our technology transfer and commercialization process continues where Mr. Matthews efforts stopped.  We have established business practice integration points that connect inventor ideas to market needs (requirements).

Service Offerings

Our Management Consulting Portfolio
  •  Software Hardware Development           Accelerate US business growth by facilitating Globalization to occur via our direct efforts that expedite US Market Expansion (M&A) including the adoption of OffShore investments.  Hardware and Software focus in the areas of Operating Systems, Multimedia, Networking, Network and Systems Management, and Collaboration products.  Specific focus on Digital Multimedia, Desktop Video, Video Conferencing, Personal Video,  High Definition Systems, & Digital Video Broadcast.
  • Management Services   Dramatically expand market presence in traditional areas of Value-added integration, customization and training services in support of the software and hardware portfolio.  Interim CTO and Vice President Engineering additions or adjunct resources to facilitate current teams.  Two in a Box Concept also performed. 
  • Intellectual Property Management - Technology Transfer     Help Guide IP strategy and innovation through patent creation and the licensing of patents to other companies.  Develop the portfolio into an annuity income stream.  Aid clients with Technology Transfer of R&D to commercial interests.

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