Interim Management

We are a full-service Management Consultant organization, with a number of Management Consulting specialities.  With 26 years of Engineering experience in startups, medium, and large companies we have a keen sense of respect for the individual while holding ALL accountable for their respective product or program deliverables.

We recognize the shortages in the labor field to find that best fit candidate.  Technology Executive searches often take 3 to 6 months and can extend for longer periods of time.  This is too long a period for a development team to go unsupervised.  Moving internal people in as temporary stop gap measures creates lower level voids that are often even more catastrophic.  To meet company product  commitments and schedule integrity, the firm can act as part of the senior management team and provide interim technology roles as required.

Interim CTO or VP Development Roles

  • Interim Chief Technology For Hardware/Software Companies
  • Interim Vice President of Engineering Hardware

  • Interim Vice President of Engineering Software

  • Interim Vice President of Engineering Test/QA/Support

  • Strategic Consultant to Marketing/CTO/Strategy Team 

Development Process Rigor

  • Functional Specifications
  • Design Documents

  • Design, Code, and Peer Reviews

  • Unit Test Methodology

  • Test Scaffolding

  • Functional Verification Testing
  • Building Quality in From the Beginning !Smile

Development Coaching

  • Executive Development Engineering Mentoring

  • Routines and Regiments

  • 1:1’s

  • People Management and Setting Expectations

  • People Management and Following Through on Expectations

  • Reading Materials to Improve Leadership Skills

  • Building Leaders that Inspire Greatness

  • Team Building for Development Managers


Building High Performance Teams

  • Development Core Competence and Bench Strength
  • Creating the Development Organization LifeBoat - Who Will Survive?
  • Understanding Wants and Needs of a High Performance Team
  • Spotting Team Members who are "Sick"
  • Building Teams that Produce Superior Results
  • Organizational Team Building

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