We are a full-service Management Consulting organization, with a number of Rich Media (Audio and Video) specialities.

International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) Director


Unified Collaboration and Conferencing Market Expansion

  • Webcam, Desktop, Group Systems, Telepresence Video Conferencing
  • High Definition Sales Catalyst -> Driving Video to the Desktop 
  • Public and Private Company Strategies and Directions
  • Service Providers, Video Integration, Managed Services 
  • Differientiators Per Product Line and Business Segment
  • Audio Conferencing Providers, Conference Equipment Providers
  • Industry Trends and Directions
  • Disintermediation in Conferencing
  • Disruptive Changes in Video Today and Tomorrow
  • SWOT Analysis Profile
  • Existing and Perceived Barriers to Market Expansion

IPTV Market Expansion

  • Understand how to Leverage Relationship Based Sales Opportunities
  • IPTV Content Providers
  • IPTV Solution Providers
  • Network Equipment Providers
  • QoS Equipment to Ensure Quality of Service Delivery
  • QoE Equipment to Ensure Quality of Picture Delivery
  • Middleware Operating Systems Providers
  • Mobile Video
  • Media Monitoring
  • Content Management
  • Archive, Retrieval
  • Digital Rights Management

Digitial Content Distribution Network Market Expansion

  • Digital Content Delivery Platforms From Oracle, SAP, IBM 
  • Content Media Servers, File Servers, File Sharing
  • Content Management Systems 
  • Content Distribution Systems
  • Front End Editing Systems (Preproduction)
  • Back End Management Systems (Post Production)
  • Video Search - Textual and Contextual 

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