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Patent budgets can easily get out of control – it is easy and relatively inexpensive to file a patent application without thinking about the strength or value of the patent.  Patenting can be hugely expensive once you get into the international phase.  How can you delay as long as possible to give you the maximum time to license?  If you have to go international what coverage do licensees expect you to have – what do companies do themselves?

Universities and companies approach patents from different perspectives – universities want to protect technologies; companies want to protect products. How does this difference affect the patenting strategy – and does the different approach damage us when it comes to licensing to industry?

We can help.

Patent Services: 

  • Portfolio Analysis for Domestic, Global Appeal
  • SWOT Analysis of Client versus Competition Portfolio
  • Review and Settle Open Office Actions from USPTO
  • Screen Portfolio to Your Business Activities
  • Treat IP Portfolio as a Fiscal Budget Expense - Track Performance
  • Analyze Latest Patent Activity, Disclosures, Filings by Company
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