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Video Conferencing Direction

The key providers of video conferencing have focused on the Enterprise Customer providing conference room systems and network bridges.  The market has historically been served by Teleconferencing providers delivering room-based video conferencing that provides some form of data collaboration.

The direction for the leading video conferencing providers is to continue to use their sales teams to service the Enterprise Customer.  They will continue to sell to the IT video team with a centralized support structure.  However, while this direction will continue to produce solid revenue and a build up of business as the wave approaches, it will miss the coming tsunami wave of video change to personal video.

The consolidation of multi-chip video codec solutions from TI and Broadcom will over the next year move to single chip implementations and substantially reduce the cost of entrance into the video conferencing market.  This will encourage existing consumer product stalwarts to step forward into offering video conferencing solutions.  We can expect to see disruptive price performance personal offerings from Apple and others bringing the same change to video that we have seen with MP3s and cell phones. 
With these new products, we will see a variety of smooth video conferencing systems emerging well within the $500 price barrier.  Expect to see quality video conferencing that connects seamlessly over the public Internet in IP Phones, cell phones, set top systems, and as and extension to existing gaming systems.

Discussions include CDN Direction, Consumer Video Socialization, Video Search, Short Form Video Alternative Methods, Good Enough Video, Telepresence, Next Generation Unified Collaboration Systems.

Availability March 1 2008

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