Technology Transfer, IP Funnel Process, and IP Portfolio Management

University R&D Department, State or Local Agency, or a Research Company interested in learning if an "idea" may have commercial value but don't know where or how to start?  Looking for a way out of the IP Funnel Process?  We can help.  The funnel process has been Re-Engineered.  Learn about the inverse funnel process.  Learn how market accelerants can create market pull that allows ideas go from screening to licensing in record time.

Don't have an IP Portfolio but want to get one?  We can help!  Have an IP Portfolio that needs attention?  Office Actions from the USPTO cluttering your in basket? Need help with growing your IP Portfolio, licensing patents, cross licensing patents, aggregating patents to have a concentration in a representative field of practice?  Or too many old patents that may have limited applicability or useful life?  We can help and more....

Technology Transfer

  • Bringing "research" to commercial viability
  • Drawing up License Agreements, JV's and Partnerships
  • Identification of Patentable and Novel Innovation
  • ReEngineering the IP Funnel Process
  • Portfolio Bundling
  • Connecting University Ideas to Start Up Company Reality
  • Adding University R&D transfer technology to the Enterprise  

IP Portfolio Review

  • Portfolio Analysis for Domestic, Global Appeal
  • SWOT Analysis of Client versus Competition Portfolio
  • Review and Settle Open Office Actions from USPTO
  • Screen Portfolio to Your Business Activities
  • Treat IP Portfolio as a Fiscal Budget Expense - Track Performance
  • Analyze Latest Patent Activity, Disclosures, Filings by Company

Technology Licensing

  • Connecting Ideas to Market Requirements and Business Needs
  • Bundling of IP Patent Portfolio for Immediate Value
  • Patent Valuation of Portfolio Assets by Patent Strength
  • Building Corporate Partnerships for Repeat Business

Inventor Patent Programs

  • Reward Based System
  • Reduction to Practice
  • Ideas, Disclosures, Filings
  • Review Process
  • Moving From Idea to Disclosure to Filing
  • Working with IP Patent Attorneys
  • Making the Patent Process Fun and Rewarding

Inventor's Patents

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