Clash of the New Media Titans


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Clash of the New Media Titans

Traditional (cable, telecom, satellite) Vs Online (Internet) Vs Wireless (mobile)


 This Industry White Paper details a strategic guide inside the current market changes in the clash between the New Media Titans.  This paper is intended to be a look at the industry direction over the next 24 months and to provide opportunities for industry participation and identify M&A opportunities.


The reference to the Clash  refers to the cable, telecommunications and satellite industries all actively building out and providing similar services over the coming years.  To this set of industry changes, we have online Internet and mobile wireless reaching across into these traditional purviews.  The introduction of new content distribution and content distribution networks across a combination of wired and wireless access devices portends an interesting battlefield as each industry competes for subscribers. 


The clash is happening now as the Internet brings a more level playing field and host of new consumer options.  At the same time, WiFi / WiMax encourage a host of additional new wireless players into the fray.   The leaders of today will not necessarily be positioned to be the winners of tomorrow as this battle unfolds.  The chess pieces are in place for an engagement to capture billions of consumer dollars and take New Media Titans to amazing heights. 


New digital media will generate opportunities for the smartest that capitalize and capture the loyalty of the public.  Traditional ad revenue business models do not transfer to the online world.  Read how this battle will unfold and bring new products and players to the marketplace providing new business opportunities for early entrants.


 Target Audience:  Investment Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, Financial Institutions, C Level Corporate Executives, Business Development, Strategic Company Direction, Technologists, Ad Networks, Ad Revenue, Content Creators, Content Aggregators, Content Providers, Media Companies, Cable, Satellite, Telecommunications, Network Distribution, Networking Companies, QoS and QoE Equipment Providers, IPTV, ITV, Media Cache Farms, Network Groomers, Video Search Engines. Web Portals, Web Content Hosting.


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